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How to become an eco-responsible company?

Zero waste, ethical consumption, quality of life at work: these are priority issues that are transforming consumer habits. Indeed, they are turning more towards products that are more respectful of the environment and of Man. The same is true for job seekers who are looking for “exemplary” companies.

Aware of these new stakes, more and more companies are committing to a CSR approach, an essential brick to ensure the sustainability of their structure.

Enhancement of its brand image, realization of significant savings, increase in the productivity of its employees: we no longer list the many advantages of establishing a CSR policy internally!

But how to become a responsible company in a concrete way?


Whether you are a small business, a medium-sized company, a small and medium-sized company or a large corporation, you are all capable of implementing a CSR policy! However, this approach is specific to each one! Indeed, it depends on various factors such as: the number of employees, the sector of activity and the location. But don’t panic, we have grouped together the different steps to put in place to become a model of CSR!


In order to know the areas to be improved in terms of sustainable development, the ideal is to start with an inventory. This diagnosis will allow you to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your company and thus acquire an outside perspective on your daily consideration of the challenges of sustainable development.

You may be surprised! More and more companies think they have it all wrong from the start, and end up realizing, thanks to the diagnosis, that a good number of actions have already been put in place.

Once the inventory has been carried out, it is essential to rank your priorities in order to be able to classify the different actions to be carried out. These can be very easy initiatives such as the purchase of responsible supplies or actions on a larger scale such as energy management or the establishment of a partnership for the recycling and treatment of your waste.


At Takagreen, we classify solutions according to the following themes:


Choose your solutions according to your most energy-intensive workstations.

For example, if you want to reduce your electricity bills why not install solar panels? Do you want to reduce your water consumption? Think about rainwater collectors or equipping your taps with aerators!

As you will have understood, energy is one of the items that consume the most!


At the heart of a company’s operation, purchasing is an effective way for deploying a sustainable development policy within your organization.

But what is responsible purchasing? Minimize your needs, integrate environmental and social criteria, take into account the life cycle and the overall cost of each product.

Reusable tableware made from recycled materials, second-hand office furniture, recycled paper, natural cleaning products… there are many solutions adapted to each company.

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Waste management is a major focus of the CSR policy. This is one of the main steps to reduce your daily environmental impact.

Office waste, food waste, construction waste or even cigarette butts…: there are many recycling channels suitable for all types of waste.

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Quality of Life at Work (QWL) and CSR are complementary. Indeed, the implementation of QWL actions reinforces the CSR policy, and vice versa.

So there you have several choice: collaborative workshops, exterior and interior design, healthy eating, sports or meditation sessions, air quality… the best thing is to discuss it with your stakeholders in order to analyze their needs and thus choose THE (or THOSE, it’s even better) solutions that will make everyone agree.

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In order to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions, the implementation of a sustainable mobility plan becomes more than essential. Sustainable mobility, also called eco-mobility, brings together solutions promoting the use of alternative modes of transport to the car and much softer. To choose the mode of transport that will suit everyone, it is once again recommended to discuss it with all of your teams. Indeed, there is no shortage of solutions: carpooling, fleets of electric bikes, hybrid or electric vehicles…

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