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Promote corporate social responsibility!

Faced with a growing environmental problem, more and more companies are adopting CSR. Takagreen encourages you in this process and offers you various ways to use it within your company!


CSR or corporate social responsibility brings together all the practices put in place with the aim of respecting the principles of sustainable development. Environmental, social and ethical issues are then taken into account.

The goal? Anticipating and controlling risks, gaining competitiveness, accessing responsible markets, showing solidarity…

However, it is all well and good to adopt a CSR approach, but you have to know how to put it into practice…

CSR tools

To help you improve your actions in terms of sustainable development and quantify their performance, many tools exist:

  • The CSR report: Periodic document published by a company to report on its actions and results in terms of corporate social responsibility. The purpose of reporting is to improve the transparency of their activities, and thus enable them to measure their impact on the environment.
  • The Carbon Footprint: Tool developed by ADEME (French Environment and Energy Management Agency). The carbon footprint makes it possible to assess to what extent the company contributes to global warming through its activities.
  • Life Cycle Assessment: Method for evaluating the environmental impacts of a service up to the management of its end of life.

CSR actions

In order to carry out your actions, it is important to:

  • Appoint a manager and train your managers in the principles: this will allow you to be organized in your actions. In addition, your employees will be more reactive and will quickly adopt the appropriate habits.
  • Make a strategic analysis of your company’s CSR needs: It is by asking the right questions that you can move forward in your approach. What would you like to change? In which areas could your company improve to be responsible?

Finally, here are some examples of 100% CSR attitudes: fostering relations and peaceful atmospheres at work, opening up dialogue with employees, thinking about recycling, promoting gender equality, etc.